64 – L’île Mira
45°58'30.4'' N, 75°43'54.2'' W

Located near the Paroi Éléphant, the site of L’île Mira is strategically placed to be able to make the most of the southern sector of the Poisson Blanc reservoir. Located at a distance of 15 km (5 hours of paddle) from the Bastion, this site will give you a great view of the sunset and offers a nice sandy beach.

Détails sur le terrain

Secteur South
Accès All types of crafts
Catégorie 2 tents
Distance de l'entrée 'Le Bastion' 15km; +/- 5 heures paddle time
Berge de sable Oui
Installations benches + 1 picnic tables + 1 dry toilet
Grandeur de tente maximale 13’ x 9’ (3.95 m x 2,75 m)

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Site 64 poisson blanc