The Park's health, a priority

Poisson Blanc Regional Park holds the environment dearly! Proud of its accomplishments since its inception in 2008, especially of the removal of more than one ton of garbage collected on the islands and Le Bastion’s LEED Gold Certification; the Park is presently working on a new environmental program. The project is inspired by the Sépaq Ecological Integrity Monitoring Program. It focuses on six factors (air quality, water quality, biocenosis state – the living species –, space organization of the territory and quality of the infrastructures1) that are critical to the environment’s preservation.

Called the Programme intégré de suivi du territoire; the project started in 2013 with a first tour of the campsites. The collected information aims to make an inventory and complete our knowledge of the territory and adjust our practices accordingly. The CPPB, which is responsible for the Park's management, wishes to offer and develop sustainable tourism products.

1 The Ecological Integrity Monitoring Program (EIMP). Réseau Parcs Québec - SÉPAQ, May 2011.

Ecological Integrity

“with respect to a park, a condition that is determined to be characteristic of its natural region and likely to persist, including abiotic components and the composition and abundance of native species and biological communities, rates of change and supporting processes.”

According to the Canada National Parks Act; S.C. 2000, c. 32