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What are the specific directives set out by the government affecting camping at Poisson Blanc in 2020?

It is essential that the same directives are followed while camping, as everywhere else. Two meter distancing, handwashing and sanitizing, and gatherings limited to 10 persons. 

Only residents of the same address are permitted to share a tent. When booking a site with multiple established tent sites, you are permitted to be as many groups as the site allows. For example, you are permitted to be two address-sharing groups on a two-tent site. Outdoor gatherings are to be limited to 10 persons, from a maximum of three address-sharing groups.

In 2020, the length of stays will be predefined. We wish to leave a free day between each stay on our islands to allow our team to disinfect the rental equipment. This procedure allows us to significantly reduce the traffic at the park office, by ensuring that campers who leave on their island do not cross path with campers who return from their stay. And so, the only stays available in 2020 will be the following:Thus, the only stays available in 2020 will be the following:

  • Friday to Thursday (6 nights)
  • Friday to Monday (3 nights)
  • Tuesday to Thursday (2 nights)

There will be no campsites in the “4 tents and +” category available for reservation in 2020. Our campsites that can accommodate 4 tents and more will be found in the category of “3 tents camping sites”. No group of more than 3 tents will be admitted to Poisson Blanc this summer. You must respect the maximum number of tents in each category and follow the public health requirements regarding the maximum number of people that can gather during your stay.

It is not possible to change sites during your stay. When reserving a site for a set duration, you must spend each night there. Rest assured, our day halts and hiking trails are all open and ready to be explored. Remember to respect the rules of social distancing while visiting these public places.

Like in 2019, it will be possible to cancel a reservation for a refund up to 14 days before the date of the stay, however, a cancellation fee of $10 plus tax will be applied.  No refund can be issued with less than 14 days notice. This policy also applies within the context of the pandemic. If a second outbreak of the virus were to force the Quebec government to close Quebec campgrounds, the stays would be fully reimbursed at no cost. If, within the 14 days preceding your stay, you experience symptoms of the disease associated with Covid-19, call us. We will offer you a fair and conciliatory solution.

In 2020, it is strongly recommended that you arrive on the same day as the starting day of your reserved block. It is also strongly recommended that a group sharing a multiple tent site, arrive within a reasonable time of each other in order to be welcomed safely by our staff.

If you wish to receive a “visit” to your campsite during your stay, it is possible to do so, as long as you respect the maximum number of tents in the category of campsite you have booked. Of course, you will also have to respect the directives in force concerning gatherings of 10 people or less, and physical distancing measures.

Pets are allowed in Poisson Blanc regional Park. They must be kept on a leash on public access sites (park office area, rest areas, trails), but can be left free on campsites on the islands. You are entirely responsible for the cleanliness of your animal, and must absolutely collect the excrement of your animals left on, or near, your campsite.

Yes. It is not necessary to register with the Park to fish. You only need to have a Quebec fishing license. You can get a seasonal or daytime fishing license in the village: Bonichoix and dépanneur Larocque

It is very unlikely that you will meet a bear on an island, it never happened before. Be particularly wary of rodents and birds; take the usual precautions to keep your food out of their reach.

The Parc régional du Poisson Blanc and the Air-Eau-Bois Outdoor Base are two distinct non-profit organizations. If you book boats at the Parc Régional du Poisson Blanc, you must take possession of your boats at the park’s reception located at 37 Chemin de la Truite in Notre-Dame-du-Laus. If you have booked a campsite in the south of the Poisson Blanc reservoir and prefer to get to your campsite on the reservoir from the Air-Eau-Bois Base, you must reserve your boats with them. You will also have to pay parking fees.

In 2020, it will not be possible to fill your water bottle at the park office. You’ll have to bing fresh water from your house or your region. The Park’s patrol sells water, wood and ice on the islands. Keep in mind that we’re not going to accept cash money in 2020. Bring your credit card with you on your island.

Yes. Note that when the weather is fair and during summer weekends, there can be motorized boat traffic, especially around the beaches at the southern end of the lake. If you wish to avoid completely the motorized boats, favour the beginning and the end of the camping season or week days to come to the Park.