Hiking trails

Come and discover the 17 kilometers of hiking trails in the Poisson Blanc Regional Park. Throughout your journey along the Montagne du Fort hiking trails, the spots you’ll see are impressive. Our network of trails allows you to customize the length of your hike according to your desired level of intensity. Also, our hiking trails along the reservoir, which are only accessible by boat, offer a spectacular view of the islands.

Up Here, We’re 500m Above It All

Hiking on Montagne du Fort

If you want to discover hiking in the Laurentides, the hiking trails of Montagne du Fort are perfect for exploring the region from all angles. The trailhead, which is accessible by car, is located at the foot of the Rapide-du-Fort sector and the Lac Cuillèrier sector. Please note that accessing these trails by non-motorized watercraft is also an option. Stop by the reception lodge to inquire about trail conditions and get a detailed map of the area.

Map and Trail Names

  • Rapide-du-Fort;
  • Merisiers;
  • Katimavik;
  • Sentier du sommet;
  • Sentier Desjardins.

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Difficulty Levels

The hiking trails of the Montagne du Fort and Lac Cuillèrier sector are good for beginner, intermediate, and advanced hikers. The shortest trail that leads to a lookout is 1 km long. The longest is 5 kilometers. Now, we’re only talking about the hike in- not the return journey. Please plan your outing accordingly.

Entry and Season

  • Free entry;
  • Located 5 km from the reception lodge;
  • Dogs on leashes are permitted;
  • No entry after dark;
  • Trails are open year-round, but not maintained in the winter.

In These Parts, The Trailhead Is a Canoe

Hiking Along the Reservoir

If you want to discover hiking in the Laurentides, the trails located on the islands and along the banks of the Poisson Blanc reservoir are perfect for admiring the archipelagos and, as night falls, taking in some sublime sunsets.

The hiking trails of the island sector are only accessible by non-motorized watercraft: there is no dock at the foot of the trails. The lookouts located at the end of each course will give you a breathtaking glimpse of the reservoir and its 100 islands, and of the hills of the Canadian Shield which border this body of water.

Map and Trail Names

  •  Sentier du Chenal;
  • Le Cap du Sud;
  • Sentier de l’île en U;
  • Sentier de la Paroi Éléphant.

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Difficulty Levels

The hikes around the reservoir are accessible to beginners as well as intermediate hikers. The trails are short but still have a good slope, so be prepared to work those calves.

Entry and Season

  • Free entry;
  • Dogs on leashes are permitted on the trails;
  • No entry after dark;
  • Trails are closed from mid-October to mid-May.
  • The Prisme

    60 mètres 2 minutes walk

  • The Pic-Mineur

    300 mètres 5 minutes à pied

  • Le grand Pic Poisson Blanc refuge chalet

    The Grand-Pic

    250 mètres 5 minutes à pied

  • The Pic-Flamboyant

    300 meter 4 minute by foot

  • Le Bastion Parc régional du Poisson Blanc Accueil

    Accueil Le Bastion

  • 1 La Cigogne

    0,5 km 15 minutes

  • 2A Site des Pères

    2 km +/- 40 minutes

  • 2B Le Franc Sud

    1.6 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 3A Site des Mauves

    1.3 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 2C La Pointe des Pères

    2 km +/- 40 minutes

  • 3B La pointe des Mauves

    1.5 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 13 Le Soleil du Midi

    3.5 km +/- 1:15

  • 6 La Sainte Paix

    1.6 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 20 Les pieds dans le sable

    1.6 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 12A Le Cap du soleil couchant

    2.5 km +/- 45 minutes

  • 12C La Pointe aux Harles

    2.5 km +/- 45 minutes

  • 23A L'aurore

    3 km +/- 1 hour

  • 24 La Pointe du Couchant

    3.3 km +/- 1:10

  • 12D La Pointe au Cerisier

    2.5 km +/- 45 minutes

  • 23B La Pointe à Bill

    3.7 km +/- 1:15

  • 27 A La Canopé

    4 km +/- 1h20

  • 25 La Retraite

    3 km +/- 1 heure

  • Site 31 Parc régional du Poisson Blanc

    31 Le Paradis

    4,5 km +/- 1:30

  • 26 La Lagune

    4 km +/- 1:20

  • Poisson blanc camping

    27B La Cigale

    5 km 1h30

  • 36 L'Entrée du Chenal

    4.9 km +/- 1:40

  • 29 L'île à la Loutre

    4 km +/- 1h20

  • 34 Katimavik

    4 km +/- 1:20

  • 44A L'Enclume

    9 km 3 hours

  • île Poisson Blanc l'équateur camping 3

    42E L'Équateur

    7 km +/- 2 hours

  • 39 Pointe aux bleuets

    5.4 km +/- 1:45

  • 41 La pointe de Granit

    6 km +/- 2 hours

  • Parc régional Québec

    44C L'évasion

    9 km 3h

  • 45A Le Parasol

    9 km 3h

  • 42A La Chanterelle

    6 km approximately 2h of canoeing

  • 44B La pointe à la perdrix

    9 km +/- 3 heures

  • 45B La pointe aux Dorés

    9 km +/- 3 hours

  • 47A La pointe du Brochet

    9.1 km +/- 3 hours

  • 47B La Terrasse

    9.1 km +/- 3 hours

  • 47C La pointe Ensoleillée

    10 km +/- 3:20

  • 52A La Plage Cachée

    11 km +/- 3:40

  • camping sauvage poisson blanc canot-camping

    52C Le cap siffleur

    11 km +/- 3:40

  • 55A Le Lagon Bleu

    12.5 km +/- 4:10

  • 55C Le site de la Sand Bar

    13 km +/- 4:20

  • 56 Le Rocher Fendu

    13.5 km +/- 4:30

  • 59 La Pointe aux Bouleaux

    15 km +/- 5 hours

  • 60 La Plage d'or

    14 km +/- 4:30

  • 63A Cap à la Tortue

    15 km +/- 5 hours

  • 63B Site de la Paroi Éléphant

    15.2 km +/- 5 hours

  • 63C La Péninsule

    15.5 km +/- 5:10

  • 64 L'Île Mira

    15 km +/- 5 hours

  • 66A La Pointe au Pin

    13 km +/- 4:20

  • camping sauvage poisson blanc canot-camping

    66D Le cap à l'aigle

    13.5 km +/- 4:30

  • 68 L'Île aux voyageurs

    14 km +/- 4:30

  • 70A La petite Plage

    16.4 km +/- 5:30

  • 70B La grande Plage

    16.4 km +/- 5:30

  • 70C La Pointe aux Chênes

    16.2 km +/- 5:30

  • 70G La Citadelle

    14 km +/- 4:30

  • 70K La Pointe de l'Épervier

    16.2 km +/- 5:20

  • Le camp de base

    6.7 km 10 minutes by car

  • Le site de la plage

    6.5 km 10 minutes by car

  • Picnic Stop 8

    2 km 40 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 9

    2 km 40 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 10

    2.2 km around 45 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 12B

    2.5 km around 45 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 21

    1.5 km 30 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 22

    2 km +/- 40 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 28B

    3.8 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 30B

    3.8 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 33C

    4.5 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 35

    4.5 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 38

    5 km around 1h40

  • Picnic Stop 42B

    6.5 km around 2h30

  • Picnic Stop 48

    10.5 km around 3h30

  • Picnic Stop 49

    11 km around 3h40

  • Picnic Stop 54C

    12 km around 4h00

  • Picnic Stop 55D

    13 km around 4h20

  • Picnic Stop 55E

    13.5 km around 4h40

  • Picnic Stop 57A

    14 km around 5h00

  • Picnic Stop 57B

    14 km around 5h00

  • Picnic Stop 63D

    15.5 km around 5h20

  • Picnic Stop 66C

    14 km around 5h00

  • B2 Blocs des Pères

    0,7 km +/- 30 minutes of canoeing débutant à avancé

  • P42 The Paroi Écho

    7 km +/- 2h30 of canoeing débutant à avancé

  • Poisson Blanc randon

    Sentier du Chenal


  • Parc régional Poisson Blanc sentier pédestre randonnée

    Le Cap du sud


  • Poisson Blanc sentier randonnée

    Sentier de l’île en U


  • Poiscon Blanc randonnée sentier

    Sentier de la Paroi Éléphant


  • Sentier La Baie-Durand


  • Plage du Rapide-du-Fort


  • Sentier des Merisiers


  • Sentier Katimavik


  • Sentier du Sommet


  • Sentier Desjardins

    +/- 4 heures Intermédiaire

  • Paroi Éléphant Escalade Parc du Poisson Blanc

    P63 The Paroi Éléphant

    15 km +/- 5h of canoeing Débutant à avancé

Estimated Time

See Some Spectacular

Autumn Landscapes

The Poisson Blanc Regional Park offers extraordinary views of Lac Cuillèrier, the archipelago of islands in the Poisson Blanc reservoir, and even the Sables reservoir. This terrain, mainly covered with mixed forests, is also a prime location for taking in the magnificent colours of the Laurentians.

Raquette Laurentides

Winter Hikes

The hiking trails on Montagne du Fort are accessible by snowshoe during the winter. The parking lots at the foot of the trails are plowed daily. Please note that while the trails are well marked, they are not groomed by the Park team. Snowshoes and ski-snowshoes (Hok skis) are available for rent at the reception lodge. However, you will need to call us and book your equipment in advance.

Code of Ethics for Hikers

The cellular network is not always reliable on our trails. Be sure to plan a safe, autonomous outing, and to return home before dark. Courtesy is essential when hiking in the Laurentians: it is important to respect other users and trail signs, as well as the flora and fauna present in the area.

To fully enjoy your hiking experience, we encourage compliance with the Hiker’s Code of Ethics and Poisson Blanc Regional Park’s official regulations.


Whether you are going out for an hour or a full day, it is important to bring clothing and equipment that are suitable for hiking in the Laurentians. Please consider:

  • Checking the weather before leaving;
  • Bringing at least 1.5 L of water per person;
  • Wearing walking shoes that provide good support and good grip to avoid tumbling;
  • Wearing a backpack for your gear: water containers, bug repellant, snacks, sunscreen, maps;
  • Booking your watercraft to get to the trails located on the islands and banks of the reservoir

Did you know ?

The Montagne du Fort is an impressive range in the Laurentides that has several peaks, the highest of which rises to 502 meters above sea level. Since the creation of the Park in 2008, six lookouts have been developed to offer hikers a magnificent glimpse of the Laurentians landscapes. A belvedere was built at the end of the Merisiers trail in 2008. The latter has a roof and a picnic table, and a dry pit cabinet is available near the building.