It is now possible to book a stay until October 21st 2024!

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How the Booking Opening Day Works

1. The Email is Sent in a Random Order

This point of this process is to spread out the number of visits on our website to make sure it doesn’t crash! For the same reason, we can’t tell you exactly on what date we’re going to send the email.

2. Stay Tuned Around April 1st

The first emails will be sent from 9a.m. on D-Day. So, the earlier you get the email, the better the chances of being able to book the most coveted dates, like weekends and the days between Saint-Jean (June 24) and Labor Weekend (September 2).

3. It’s Your Turn

The email is finally in your inbox? Great, book as soon as you can! Since thousands of you are waiting for it, availabilities change quickly during the day. So don’t take too long.

Good to Know

1. To Canoe or Not to Canoe?

You don’t need to reserve your watercraft when making your initial reservation. We have enough for you to reserve them a few weeks before your arrival at the Park. It will also allow you to get a better idea how many watercraft you need according to the number of people that are coming with you.

2. We’ve Got Your Back!

Measures have been implemented to limit abuse and give everyone an equal chance of booking on the day reservations open. We will ensure that:


  1. A. Repeated email addresses are deleted before making the random draw that determines the order in which the emails are sent.
  2. B. Reservations are limited to a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.
  3. C. Reservations are limited to 3 per person during high season.
  4. D. Available dates are freed up as soon as abuse is detected.

3. The “Book Now” Button Will Be Temporarily Deactivated on Our Website

As long as emails continue to be sent, reservations will only be possible through the link in the newsletter. The website reservation buttons will only be reactivated once all newsletter subscribers receive the link and website traffic is reduced.

Tips and Tricks

You’re disappointed after the opening of reservations… Don’t lose hope. Here are 2 tips to help you find a spot:

1. Keep an eye on the general availability calendar. While this tool is temporarily unavailable during opening day for logistical reasons, it will be reactivated on our homepage the next day. You can visit it on a regular basis to check out available dates at a single glance.

2. If you’re flexible during the season, have a look 14 days before your desired dates to find a last-minute spot. 14 days is the window campers have to cancel their reservation.


To Help You Prepare Before Opening Day


  1. Make a top 10 of your favorite accommodations and locations using the interactive map before opening day.
  2. Be flexible with your dates. June, July and August are classics, but there’s nothing better than getting some peace and quiet in May, September or October!
  3. Please read our updated cancellation policy.
  4. Invite your friends to subscribe to the newsletter as well to increase your chances of being the first to get the reservation email! The deadline for subscribing and being included in the draw is March 24, 2024.

A Few Reminders

Not Possible to Book Over the Phone

It will not be possible to make a reservation over the phone on the opening day. Our team will be available by telephone from the following day to offer this service.

Fixed Trip Durations

Here, the duration of your stay is fixed. The only blocs of stay available are the following:

  • Friday to Monday (3 nights)
  • Monday to Wednesday (2 nights)
  • Wednesday to Friday (2 nights)

It is possible to book consecutive blocs to extend your stay beyond 2 or 3 nights. However, a limit of 7 nights applies to each reservation.

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