Camping Season 2023!

Many of you want to book for 2023. I’m sorry to tell you that you will have to wait a little longer. To be informed of the opening procedure for 2023 bookings, sign up to our newsletter and you wont miss anything. Until then, why not try the experience in one of our cabin?


Parc régional Québec

Fixed Trip Durations

The duration of our stays is fixed in order to facilitate the management of the disinfection of the lodgings and the rental equipment between each stay. This procedure also allows us to better control visitor traffic and movements on the park’s reception site, and therefore make the experience safer for everyone. The only stay durations available are as follows (with the possibility of booking successive stays for campers who wish to extend their stay beyond 2 or 3 nights):

  • Friday to Monday (3 nights)
  • Monday to Wednesday (2 nights)
  • Wednesday to Friday (2 nights)

Tips and Tricks Before Reservations Open

1. Pick your dates, your site category, and the distance you wish to travel by canoe/kayak/SUP to get to your campsite;

2. Explore the map and identify the campsites where you’d like to stay (take note, some of them are located several kilometers away from the welcome center);

3. Identify the watercraft adapted to your needs that you would like to rent to get to your island;

4. See the camping on the islands page to fully understand how our services work.

Cancellation Policy

For full details on our after sales policies.

Cancellation Policy

Each rental

Includes :

  • Exclusive access to your site for the duration of your stay (time of arrival at the site 3 pm, time of departure from the site 11 am)
  • The delivery of one bag of wood per night
  • The parking at Le Bastion Entrance Office
  • 1 tent campsite = 1 car
    2 tents campsite = 2 cars
    3 tents campsite = 3 cars
    4 tents campsite = 4 cars
  • The park’s map;

2022 Rates

Weekdays low season
May 13th-June 16th/Sept. 5th-Oct. 17th
Week-end low season
May 13th-June 16th/Sept. 5th-Oct. 17th
High Season
June 17th-Sept. 4th
1 tent 50$ 60$ 70$
2 tents 60$ 80$ 90$
3 tents 70$ 100$ 110$
4 tents 80$ 120$ 130$

Did you forget something ?

Remember, you need a watercraft to get to your island. We offer a watercraft rental service. Any other questions, check out the links below.

Short guide and reminder

Poisson Blanc regional Park strongly suggests that users respect its Code of Conduct. Inspired by the “Leave No Trace Program”, overseen by Aventure Écotourisme Québec. It supplies a basic recipe to follow in order to allow present and future generations to benefit from the Park’s wonders.

The Camper Guide lists what to bring, or what to remember, and other relevant information. It’s worth taking a look.