Cross-country Skiing Trail

Close for the season

Availability subject to reservoir


You don’t have to go far to get a complete change of scenery. Bring your skis and come enjoy a 4 km loop of groomed track on the Poisson Blanc Reservoir to discover what it’s like in the winter. You’ll see, it’s awe-inspiring. The scenery is unique and the terrain is even more spectacular around mid-March when the snow starts melting, given the reservoir’s high tidal range.

Skiing across the islands and banks of the frozen reservoir? Now, we are elsewhere!

Activity Details

  • The trail is groomed by our maintenance crew every week, and when the snow shows up, the crew tracks the trail with a Tidd Tech tracker.
  • The track forms a loop of about 4 km over relatively flat terrain. It’s a really great context to introduce friends to the sport in complete safety.
  • The more experienced skiers can get in more distance by completing several loops. We’re obviously biased, but the landscape to behold is far from repetitive and boring.
  • After 2 km of sliding, take a break at Site 6. It’s been converted into a winter rest stop, where an outdoor fireplace has been set up. Firewood is available onsite for the adventurers who will make it there in time to contemplate the last glimmers of daylight over a drink.
  • Before you head out for the day, have a look at our opening hours and contact us to have more information about the weather conditions on the reservoir.


Unfortunately, no cross-country ski rental service is available onsite. Bring your skis along when you stay in a cabin or, make an impromptu visit to try out this immersive experience where the calm of the reservoir will soothe your spirits. You really feel like you’re all alone on a snow-covered planet.

Make the Fun Last

Rent one of our 4-season microrefuges made to welcome couples or small groups of friends searching for escape in beautifully designed surroundings. Located on the banks of the Poisson Blanc Reservoir, it’s the ideal way to get closer to your next adventures.