Real explorers need real equipment!

Before venturing the isles, make sure you have everything you need. Remember the Quebec saying; there is no such thing as bad weather, just ill-equipped people.

Poisson Blanc regional park offers a range of rental equipment that will take the weight of worry off of your chest and allow you to reap all of the benefits an outdoor experience could offer you. Our equipment is of great quality, well-maintained, easy to use, … and photographs well. There will be no question of disrupting a beautiful shot with an unsightly rental tent.

All of our fine rental equipment is booked and charged by the day, not by the night. Quantities are limited, so we advise to book any rental equipment you may need at the same time you book your island. When you arrive at the park, all of your rental equipment can be picked-up from reception.

Unlike our other rental equipment, propane tanks are not charged daily. The price below covers the tank in its entirety and is kept with you for the complete duration of your stay.

2022 Rates

Equipment Daily fees
The North Face Wawona 4 places tent


Helinox One camping chair


YETI 65 litres cooler


Martin 20k btu 2 burners propane stove


Martin 65k btu big single burner


5 lb propane tank (full stay)


20 lb propane tank (full stay)


60L waterproof carrying barrel



After Sale Policies

It is possible to cancel or modify your reservation. However, some conditions apply. It is necessary to read our after sales policies before making a reservation.