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Halte Poisson Blanc camping canot

Here, You Can Have
an Island All to Yourself!

The camping sites on the Poisson Blanc reservoir are located on islands or peninsulas. They are only accessible by watercraft except for our two sites by the mountain. Rustic and isolated, they offer an exceptional camping experience over a vast body of water where having no nearby neighbours is one of the main attractions. Here, we are elsewhere !

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Camping Site Categories

At Poisson Blanc, the rate isn’t calculated per person but per tent. There are 4 camping site categories: 1 tent, 2 tents, 3 tents, and 4 tents. You’ll have guessed that each category represents the hosting capacity of the camping site in numbers of tents. The reservation of a camping site guarantees you exclusive access to said site. Our tent spots can take medium-sized tents of 4 people. It is permitted to be maximum 4 persons per tent.

It is strictly forbidden to add more tents than a camping site permits. Serious penalties will be collected directly from your credit card if this rule is broken. Consult our code of conduct to know all the rules of the park

Patrol and Supplies

When you book a stay at Poisson Blanc, it includes a bag of campfire wood per night. All the pouch will be delivered directly on your island at the beginning of your stay. Every day between 1pm and 6pm, our patrol team navigates the reservoir to deliver orders to customers to campers who wish to be resupplied : bags of ice and campfire wood.

How to Get Supplies?

The best practice consists is to call the reception directly from your island in the morning (before 11 am) so we can add the items you wish delivered to your daily delivery.

Yes, most of the campsites on the islands are now served by a cell phone network. From a security and communication point of view, this is quite practical.

How to Choose Your Island ?

You have to admit, camping on an island is pretty romantic. But the fairy tale can quickly turn into a nightmare if you didn’t reserve a camping site adapted to your abilities and needs.

First, it’s important to choose your site according to the distance you’re willing to travel in your watercraft from the reception area to your island. Consult the park map to locate your site before booking. Intermediate level paddlers travel approximately 3 km/h.

Don’t Overestimate Your Skills

You need to keep in mind that a reservoir isn’t always smooth sailing. Wind and waves will impact your progress. To take full advantage of your Poisson Blanc experience, here are the different factors to consider when choosing a site that matches your needs:

  • the distance to cover
  • the type of watercraft
  • the site’s hosting capacity
  • the hour of arrival at the park
  • activity locations
  • Your outdoor skills
Parc Poisson Blanc camping sauvage

Motor Boats

The Poisson Blanc Regional Park doesn’t have a launch ramp for motor boats. Campers who wish to get to their camping site in a motor boat will have to use the Lake Campion public boat launch ramp, located 10.5km away from the reception centre. You will then be able to come park your car and your trailer in the parking lot provided for that purpose near the reception centre.

It’s important to note that the camping sites on the islands are not equipped with docks and the banks are generally made of pebbles and stones, though a few do feature a beach.

How to Get to Your Island ?

Is there a ferry or shuttle service to cross the water to your islands? Well, no, you need to get there on your own. If you don’t have a watercraft, no problem: the Park offers you a wide range of watercraft for rent to get you to your adventure. Canoes with 2, 3, 4 benches, solo/duo sea kayaks, and paddle boards, the choice is up to you. Learn more about the watercraft rentals available for reservation.

Access Hours to the Campsite

  • Access : from 3 p.m. on the day your stay begins
  • Departure : before 11 a.m. on the day your stay ends

You can access your rental watercraft from 9:00 a.m. The best way to do it is to arrive early and start your paddling trip at a relaxed pace. You can then stop along the way at the picnic areas for a swim or a snack. You will have access to your island only from 3pm on the day your reservation begins.


Parking and a waterproof map of the Park’s islands and paths are included in your camping site reservation. Your reservation includes 1 parking space per tent. For example, a camping site for 3 tents includes 3 parking spaces. A $10 fee per night applies to additional vehicles.

After Sale Policies

It is possible to cancel or modify your reservation. However, some conditions apply. It is necessary to read our after sales policies before making a reservation.

Each rental


  • Exclusive access to your site for the duration of your stay;
  • Arrival kit including a waterproof park map;
  • Access to outdoor showers at Le Bastion’s
  • Delivery of one bag of wood per night
  • Parking at Le Bastion Entrance Office
  • 1 tent campsite = 1 car
    2 tents campsite = 2 cars
    3 tents campsite = 3 cars
    4 tents campsite = 4 cars

Does not include:

  • Taxes
  • Watercraft rental. You can book the watercraft of your choice a few weeks before your stay.


(Max. Number of tents)
Weekdays low season
May 12th-June 15th/Sept. 4th-Oct. 16th
Week-end low season
May 12th-June 15th/Sept. 4th-Oct. 16th
High Season
June 16th-Sept. 3rd
1 tent 49$ 69$ 79$
2 tents 59$ 89$ 99$
3 tents 69$ 109$ 119$
4 tents 79$ 129$ 139$

This Place is a Canoe-Camping Eldorado

Never been canoe-camping in the Laurentians before? No problem, we are here to help you become a real pro.

  • Le Bastion Parc régional du Poisson Blanc Accueil

    Accueil Le Bastion

  • The Prisme

    60 mètres 2 minutes walk

  • The Pic-Flamboyant

    300 meter 4 minute by foot

  • The Pic-Mineur

    300 mètres 5 minutes à pied

  • Caleb Gingras

    The Cardinal

    300 meter 4 minutes by foot

  • Le grand Pic Poisson Blanc refuge chalet

    The Grand-Pic

    300 mètres 5 minutes à pied

  • 1 La Cigogne

    0,5 km 15 minutes

  • 2A Site des Pères

    2 km +/- 40 minutes

  • 3A Site des Mauves

    1.3 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 2C La Pointe des Pères

    2 km +/- 40 minutes

  • 3B La pointe des Mauves

    1.5 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 13 Le Soleil du Midi

    3.5 km +/- 1:15

  • 6 La Sainte Paix

    1.6 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 20 Les pieds dans le sable

    1.6 km +/- 30 minutes

  • 12A Le Cap du soleil couchant

    2.5 km +/- 45 minutes

  • 12C La Pointe aux Harles

    2.5 km +/- 45 minutes

  • 23A L'aurore

    3 km +/- 1 hour

  • 24 La Pointe du Couchant

    3.3 km +/- 1:10

  • 12D La Pointe au Cerisier

    2.5 km +/- 45 minutes

  • 23B La Pointe à Bill

    3.7 km +/- 1:15

  • 27A La Canopé

    4 km +/- 1h20

  • 29 L'île à la Loutre

    4 km +/- 1h20

  • 25 La Retraite

    3 km +/- 1 heure

  • 26 La Lagune

    4 km +/- 1:20

  • Poisson blanc camping

    27B La Cigale

    5 km 1h30

  • Site 31 Parc régional du Poisson Blanc

    31 Le Paradis

    4,5 km +/- 1:30

  • 34 Katimavik

    4 km +/- 1:20

  • 40 L'oasis

    5 km 1h30

  • 36 L'Entrée du Chenal

    4.9 km +/- 1:40

  • 39 Pointe aux bleuets

    5.4 km +/- 1:45

  • 41 La pointe de Granit

    6 km +/- 2 hours

  • 42A La Chanterelle

    6 km approximately 2h of canoeing

  • île Poisson Blanc l'équateur camping 3

    42E L'Équateur

    7 km +/- 2 hours

  • Parc régional Québec

    44B L'évasion

    9 km 3h

  • 44A L'Enclume

    9 km 3 hours

  • 44C La pointe à la perdrix

    9 km +/- 3 heures

  • 45A Le Parasol

    9 km 3h

  • 45B La pointe aux Dorés

    9 km +/- 3 hours

  • 47A La pointe du Brochet

    9.1 km +/- 3 hours

  • 47B La Terrasse

    9.1 km +/- 3 hours

  • 47C La pointe Ensoleillée

    10 km +/- 3:20

  • 52A La Plage Cachée

    11 km +/- 3:40

  • camping sauvage poisson blanc canot-camping

    52C Le cap siffleur

    11 km +/- 3:40

  • 55A Le Lagon Bleu

    12.5 km +/- 4:10

  • 55C Le site de la Sand Bar

    13 km +/- 4:20

  • 56 Le Rocher Fendu

    13.5 km +/- 4:30

  • 59 La Pointe aux Bouleaux

    15 km +/- 5 hours

  • 60 La Plage d'or

    14 km +/- 4:30

  • 63A Cap à la Tortue

    15 km +/- 5 hours

  • 63B Site de la Paroi Éléphant

    15.2 km +/- 5 hours

  • 63C La Péninsule

    15.5 km +/- 5:10

  • 64 L'Île Mira

    15 km +/- 5 hours

  • 66A La Pointe au Pin

    13 km +/- 4:20

  • camping sauvage poisson blanc canot-camping

    66D Le cap à l'aigle

    13.5 km +/- 4:30

  • 68 L'Île aux voyageurs

    14 km +/- 4:30

  • 70A La petite Plage

    16.4 km +/- 5:30

  • 70B La grande Plage

    16.4 km +/- 5:30

  • 70C La Pointe aux Chênes

    16.2 km +/- 5:30

  • 70G La Citadelle

    14 km +/- 4:30

  • 70K La Pointe de l'Épervier

    16.2 km +/- 5:20

  • Le camp de base

    6.7 km 10 minutes by car

  • Le site de la plage

    6.5 km 10 minutes by car

  • Picnic Stop 8

    2 km 40 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 9

    2 km 40 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 10

    2.2 km around 45 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 12B

    2.5 km around 45 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 21

    1.5 km 30 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 22

    2 km +/- 40 minutes

  • Picnic Stop 28B

    3.8 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 30B

    3.8 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 33C

    4.5 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 35

    4.5 km around 1h20

  • Picnic Stop 38

    5 km around 1h40

  • Picnic Stop 42B

    6.5 km around 2h30

  • Picnic Stop 48

    10.5 km around 3h30

  • Picnic Stop 49

    11 km around 3h40

  • Picnic Stop 54C

    12 km around 4h00

  • Picnic Stop 55D

    13 km around 4h20

  • Picnic Stop 55E

    13.5 km around 4h40

  • Picnic Stop 57A

    14 km around 5h00

  • Picnic Stop 57B

    14 km around 5h00

  • Picnic Stop 63D

    15.5 km around 5h20

  • Picnic Stop 66C

    14 km around 5h00

  • B2 Blocs des Pères

    0,7 km +/- 30 minutes of canoeing débutant à avancé

  • P42 The Paroi Écho

    7 km +/- 2h30 of canoeing débutant à avancé

  • Sentier du Chenal


  • Sentier le Cap du sud


  • Sentier de l’île en U


  • Sentier de la Paroi Éléphant


  • Sentier La Baie-Durand


  • Plage du Rapide-du-Fort


  • Sentier des Merisiers


  • Sentier Katimavik


  • Sentier du Sommet


  • Sentier Desjardins

    +/- 4 heures Intermédiaire

  • Paroi Éléphant Escalade Parc du Poisson Blanc

    P63 The Paroi Éléphant

    15 km +/- 5h of canoeing Débutant à avancé

Estimated Time

Small guide and checklist

Poisson Blanc Regional Park strongly suggests that users respect its Code of Conduct. Inspired by the “Leave No Trace Program”, overseen by Aventure Écotourisme Québec. It supplies a basic recipe to follow in order to allow present and future generations to benefit from the Park’s wonders.

The Camper’s Guide lists the equipment to bring, or not to forget, and other relevant information. It’s worth a look.

Did you forget something ?

Remember, you need a watercraft to get to your island. We offer a watercraft rental service. Any other questions, check out the links below.