Every day, the patrol boat is on the reservoir to ensure the safety of users and deliver what’s included or orders to campers who wish to be supplied on the islands.

Included Wood Delivered
on Site

Did you know that one bag of wood per night is included in your reservation? They will be delivered directly to your island on the day your stay begins, according to a fixed trip durations:

  • Monday – 2 bags delivered
  • Wednesday – 2 bags delivered
  • Friday – 3 bags delivered

That means that if you stay 4 nights, for example from Monday to Friday, the included wood will be delivered in two waves: 2 bags on Monday and 2 bags on Wednesday. This reduces the load on our boats and our fuel consumption.


How to Be Supplied

To place an order, text or call us before 11am on the morning of delivery so that we can plan the boat’s itinerary efficiently.


Items available for delivery

Items Rates
Bag of campfire wood

$11 + taxes

Bag of wood for cooking

$13 + taxes

Bag of crushed ice


Ice block


GSI 20L reusable water cube + tablet


Instructions for extra wood

  • The quantity of additional bags of wood is limited to the total number of nights of the stay.
  • It’s not possible to order extra wood directly from the boat. Only text or telephone orders will be taken.
  • Additional wood can only be ordered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Did you think about using a reusable water container to manage your drinking water during your stay? Well, bring your own or borrow one from a friend. It’s the best option! On top of that, we’ll give you a free 20L aquatab if you bring a container or reuse the one you bought on your last visit here.