Grande Traversée
du Poisson Blanc

February 16 to 18, 2024

What is La Grande Traversée du Poisson Blanc, exactly?

It’s a 23 km self-sufficient Nordic ski expedition with pulka (sled), which will take participants across the entire length of the Poisson Blanc Reservoir through its magnificent winter landscape. The expedition includes one night of winter camping at the halfway point.

Winter Expedition

Making your way in the snow across the vast reservoir, skirting its islands, in the silence and whiteness of Quebec’s winter landscapes – that’s what La Grande Traversée is all about. The aim of this winter expedition is to offer outdoor enthusiasts a challenging sporting event that is nevertheless accessible to those wishing to learn about winter camping and Nordic skiing in a wilderness setting, with the support of a technical team in case something goes wrong.

5th Edition

This year marks the fifth edition of La Grande Traversée. The organizers are hoping to bring together 40 skiers to take on this challenge in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone proceeds at their own pace, and where participants help each other out, if need be. Each participant is responsible for preparing his or her own food and equipment, and must be completely self-sufficient.

How to Register

Would you like to participate to this event? Unfortunately, there are no more places available for the 2024 edition. Even if this doesn’t guarantee you a place with us, you can join our waiting list by e-mailing us at [email protected].




  • 23 km in total
  • Nordic skiing with pulka
  • 1 night of winter camping
  • Self-sufficient expedition
  • Technical support team
  • Dogs not permitted

2024 Rates

$160 plus tax per person

1 reservation per participant



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