Lodge, camping and outfitters

Several outfitters and campgrounds located on the reservoir Poisson Blanc offer services to vacationers that the regional park does not offer such as cabin accommodations and the launching of motorized boats. Here is an overview of the various services offered in each of them.


Auberge du Serpent

Auberge du Serpent

L'auberge du Serpent is located on lac Serpent, near the réserve faunique Papineau-Labelle. This outfitter will delight hunters and fishermen in search of tranquility.

Lodging : 2 small cottages for 4 people and 1 big cottage that can accommodate up to 20 people. 3 rooms and few camping sites also available.

Services : Acces to the lake for motorized boats.
Activities : Hunting and fishing on lac Serpent and in réserve faunique Papineau-Labelle.


Camp Bertrand

Camp Bertrand

Le Camp Bertrand is an outfitter located at the northern entrance of réservoir du Poisson Blanc. The convenient location provides access in seconds to réservoir du Poisson Blanc and réservoir des Sabes. The warm hospitality of the hosts is renowned.

Lodging : Renting of cottages for the week.
Services : Boat rental, access to the lake for motorized boats.
Activities : Hunting and fishing packages, access to quads and snowmobile trails.

Campion 3.0 simplifié

Pourvoirie du lac Campion 3.0 inc

Located near the Lac Campion, the Outfitter is established for about 60 years. It is located near the village of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus. The enchanting landscape has been built there about 10,000 years. The melting of the huge ice sheet showed the rounded mountains, many lakes and the Rivière du Lièvre.

Lodging : 5 cottages all equiped. Private parking, space for campfire, access to tha lake.

Services : Motorboat and pedalboat rental, ice and worms, gasoline. Docks and access to the lake for motorboats.

Activities : 2 restaurants with and access to the lake: « Le trois point zéro » offers breakfasts and lunchs snack style. « Le Perth's grillade », on reservation, steak seafood. Fishing and navigation.

Camp Sylvestre

Camp Sylvestre

Le Camp Sylvestre is an outfitter located at the outlet of the réservoir des Sables on the rivière du Lièvre, just minutes from the mouth of réservoir du Poisson Blanc. The company, one of the oldest lodges in the region, welcomes visitors whether for family vacations or for hunting and fishing trips.

Lodging : Cottages for 2, 4 or 6 people, camping sites and sites for caravans.

Services : Boat rental, access to the lake for motorized boats and guidance service available.

Activities : Hunting, fishing, boatingclose to hiking trails. 

Domaine Aventurier

Domaine Aventurier

Le Domaine Aventurier is an outfitter located near the rivière du Lièvre, downstream from the barrage des Cèdres (dam). This is a destination of choice for hunting and fishing . The provider also has a boat launch on the réservoir du Poisson Blanc.

Lodging : Renting of cottages for the week and for the day, renting of sites for camping and caravans.
Activities : Hunting, fishing, access to quads and snowmobile trails.

Camping Tarmigan

Domaine Tarmigan

Le Domaine Tarmigan is a large resort property located on the edge of the rivière du Lièvre, in the south of the réservoir des Sables, near the réservoir du Poisson Blanc. An abundance of activities await visitors to this enchanting area and access to the beach du Rapide-du-Fort and montagne du Fort trails is close.

Lodging : Renting of cottages for the week, camping sites.
Services : Boat rental, Docks and access to the lake for motorized boats, convenience store.
Activities : Hunting, fishing, boat rental, access to quads and snowmobile trails, near beach and hiking trails.

Domaine de la Presqu'Île

Domaine de la Presqu'Île

Le Domaine de la Presqu'Île is located northwest of Lac des Sables. Located, as the name suggests, on a beautiful peninsula, it is a destination for all types of vacationers.

Lodging : Cottages, caravans, and condo for rent.
Service : Marina, boat rental, gasoline and customized packages.
Activities : Hunting, fishing, hiking, access to quads and snowmobile trails.

Chalets Rapide des Cèdres 2014

Chalets Rapide-des-Cèdres

Open all year long. Direct access to réservoir du Poisson Blanc. Cottages and yurts located upstream and downstream of the barrage de Cèdres (dam) at Notre-Dame-du-Laus. Large private land along the rivière du Lièvre, ideal for fishing, canoeing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or just to spend time in the comfort of your accommodation.

Lodging : 8 cottages: 1 yurt, 2 rustic cottages and 1 large ancestral home.
Services : Guide for fishing, private dock, access to the river for motorized boats, renting of canoes and motorized boats.

Activities : Fishing in the rapids of the dam, hunting on private territory, canoeing, hiking, cross country, snowshoeing, packages for quads and snowmobiles, fondue dinner.

Pourvoirie le Triolet 2014

Pourvoirie le Triolet

Le Triolet is a peaceful place, with views on the réservoir du Poisson Blanc. Practice your hunting, fishing and vacationing in the comfort and cleanliness of our chalets. The walleye and bass are the most prized species. You have access to over 300 km of snowmobile and quads trail, as well as a hiking trail.

Lodging : Renting of cottages for 2 to 12 people. All equiped.
Services : Access to the lake for motorized boats, boats rental, canoe rental.
Activities : Hunting, fishing, canoeing, quads or any other outdoor activities.