The Poisson Blanc Regional Park is a vast territory dedicated to outdoor recreational activities in Notre-Dame-du-Laus, ine the Laurentians. The territory of the Park revolves around the magnificent reservoir of the Poisson Blanc, a lake of 85 km² dotted with about a hundred islands on wich are developed sites of wild camping that can be booked online. Canoes, kayaks and paddle boards (SUP) are also available for booking. 






Custom Services


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Combo Friday-Saturday

Beginning June 16, 2017, it will not be possible to book for Saturday night only. Fridays and Saturdays will be grouped together as a single block.

Outdoors for beginners

Discover the most beautiful classroom: nature! Trust our accredited experts to learn by having fun. Learn more...

poisson blanc catacanot

Family Solution: Catacanot

2 adults - 2 children? Humm, difficult to get everything into a single canoe. But there is a solution: the catacanot! Lightweight, stable, simple and easy to disassemble. Try it!


Book your island and your boat by taking advantage of one of our packages. They offer all-inclusive rates and will appeal to several types of groups. Learn more...

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4-seater Canoe

Like the Catacanot, the 4-seater canoe is a great solution for families and small groups. This canoe has a length of 20 ' and is equipped with 4 benches.

Luggage Transportation

Peace of mind! The Park now offers a luggage delivery service in watertight canoe-camping barrels. Learn more...