Custom Services


Luggage Transportation

Peace of mind! The Park now offers a luggage delivery service in watertight canoe-camping barrels. Learn more...

Equipment Rental

Facilitate the planning of your dream holiday by reserving your missing equipment pieces right now. Click here for a complete list and rates.

Outdoors for beginners

Cooking on a fire, manœuvring a canoe, taking bearings in the forest: benefit from our staff’s expertise by participating in one of our “Outdoors for beginners” training sessions.

Buying Wood

From this year, the purchase of wood for your campfire will be mandatory for all those who camp on any kind of sites of the Poisson Blanc reservoir. Learn more...

Family Plans

A family canoe-camping trip? Why not? Experience a family canoe-camping adventure or discover our other plans: travel light by sea kayak or camp five nights or more for a total escape. See all packages.

Video zone

A quick preview of the summer to help you wait until the warmer days to come!