How to Minimize Your Impact While Camping

4 min
Text by:
  • Camille Gervais and Park Team
Photos by:
  • Flora Bidaud

Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to help you do better when camping here, as elsewhere.



Borrow or reuse

If you occasionally go camping, dig into your cupboards and use what you already have, or borrow equipment from friends and family. You’re sure to find reusable crockery, compact pots, sharp knives, a cutting board, a stove, a good cooler, not to mention the tools you need to wash dishes without harming the natural environment.

Why not rent?

If you don’t want to break the bank, the Park offers an equipment rental service (cooler, stove, etc.). We also have reusable gas cylinders, a must if you want to avoid creating new waste, while making sure you don’t run out of gas during your stay! For $15 plus tax, no matter how long you stay, it’s a win-win situation.

Equipment Rental


Maximize your campfire

If your fire is already lit, why not kill two birds with one stone by also using it as a cooking hob? With a grill-style menu, simply cook food directly on the grill (supplied on the site) or in a cast-iron frying pan placed right on the coals. This way, the campfire is used to its full potential if it’s already lit, and you avoid excessive propane consumption.


Plan ahead

When you know exactly what’s on the menu, you avoid having too much perishable food, and save money at the grocery store. It also reduces food waste and over-packaging. A final leftover meal at the end of your stay will be just perfect, so you don’t have to throw away that last bit of forgotten food at the bottom of the cooler.

Plan cold meals

It’s so simple, and it avoids emitting extra CO2 into the atmosphere.

4. ICE

Freezing food

Juice, milk, cheese, meat, fish, tofu and more. This way, food keeps longer and you get ice without producing extra plastic waste. If you need ice, opt for a large block of ice rather than crushed ice, as the block melts less quickly.


Reusable containers

Store leftovers longer, without using plastic wrap. Plus, you’ll have snack containers for an afternoon getaway on the reservoir!


Reusable jug

Access to water when camping on a huge reservoir like Le Poisson Blanc couldn’t be easier. The important thing to know is that only drinking water needs to be potable. So we encourage you to bring a reusable water container. If you don’t already have one at home, ask around. Alternatively, you can purchase a 20-litre container from our boutique at a very affordable price. You can fill it up before you leave for your island, and use the tab provided for free with the purchase of the container to treat the water you draw from the Poisson Blanc reservoir on your second fill. You’ll see soon enough that this equipment will become a must-have for your other outdoor expeditions.

Boiling water

Water for cooking pasta will eventually be boiled, which means it can be drawn directly from the tank. There’s no need to use drinking water from your can for this. The same goes for hot drinks: draw the water from the source and bring it to a rolling boil for 2 minutes to make it drinkable. While it’s boiling, take the time to enjoy the nature around you, after all, that’s what we’re here for.


Equip yourself well

We want to avoid at all costs washing dishes directly in the tank… It’s a practice that greatly harms the environment. Bring a small tub, fill it with non-potable water and add a few drops of biodegradable soap. That’s all there is to it! If you drop by our welcome pavilion, we’ll even provide you with free organic soap, thanks to Unscented Co.

Do it without a trace

Once the dishes are done, what do we do with the soiled water? According to the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, you pour it into the forest, as far away from the water’s edge as possible, first removing any food debris and placing it in the composting bag provided at reception. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a short video that clearly explains all the steps involved in spotless dishwashing.



Sort, sort and sort

A must when you stay at Le Poisson Blanc! To help you, we give you all the bags you need (recycling, composting and garbage) when you arrive. Sorting as you go will save you a lot of time when you return to the reception pavilion and have to dispose of your bags properly.

What about cans?

Did you know that ALL cans are now returnable in Quebec? Use one of the bags in which the wood is delivered to your site to sort your cans during your stay and make them easier to return! What’s more, the money raised through consignment funds our end-of-season staff event. All the more reason to consign, don’t you think?

One for all and all for the islands

Thank you for getting involved! We sincerely hope that all these ideas will help you adopt more eco-responsible practices during your next camping outing here, as elsewhere.