Boat Rental

Parc du Poisson Blanc

It is possible to rent canoes and kayaks at Le Bastion Entrance Office. Go canoe-camping or kayak-camping for a few days or explore the lake for the day and drop by our stopping places/islands for a picnic, a swim or sunbathing on a beach.

All boats come fully equipped: PFD, paddles and safety kit. The sea kayaks also come with a spray skirt and a bilge pump.

It is preferable to reserve your boat in advance. A parking space per boat is included with the reservation.

*** Note that if you want to access the Poisson Blanc reservoir by the SOUTH (Bowman / Denholm), you must rent your boats at "Le Base de plein air Air-Eau-Bois". Contact them at 1-800-363-4041 for details.

Rates 2017

Rates include:

  • 2 personal flotation devices (PFDs) with whistles (additional PFDs are available for kids);
  • 1 throw rope and a bailer or a pump and 1 (or 2) skirt(s);
  • 2 paddles;
  • 1 parking spot per boat at Le Bastion;
  • access to Le Bastion's outdoor showers.

Rates do not include:

  • Taxes;
  • Extra personal flotation devices (PFDs - adult) and additional paddles.
Craft Daily rate (9h to 17h)
Prospecteur canoe 16' - 2 seats 25 $
Prospecteur canoe 17' - 3 seats 35 $
Prospecteur canoe 20'- 4 seats 45 $
Stand up paddle - SUP 20 $
Solo sea kayak 20 $
Tandem sea kayak 40 $

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