What is a regional park?

A regional park is a status conferred to a territory in order to allow communities to take charge of it in a regional development perspective. In this sense, it becomes a tool for the communities to take charge of the management of a given territory. In the Poisson Blanc Regional Park’s case, it is the need to take charge of the environmental issues and to control traffic that has led to the establishment of a non-profit; the Corporation du parc du Poisson Blanc (CPPB), which has acted since that time as the developer and manager of the Poisson Blanc Regional Park. To find out more, consult the history page on our site.

Can we fish?

Yes. It is not necessary to register with the Park to fish. You only need to have a Quebec fishing permit.

Where can I buy a fishing permit?

You can buy a seasonal or daily fishing permit in the village: Bonichoix grocery store and Larocque's corner store.

Are there animals on the islands?

It is very unlikely that you will meet a bear on an island, but it is not impossible, especially on Mystérieuse Island. Be particularly wary of rodents and birds; take the usual precautions to keep your food out of their reach.

Where can we get wood if we are camping on a free site?

You must buy wood at Home Park at $6 per bag. It is forbidden to burn dead wood or driftwood.

Where can I get drinking water?

You can carry your water yourself to your campsite. If you already own your containers, you can fill them free of charge in the Entrance Office’s shower section. Otherwise, you need to buy your water before your arrival at the Park.

Are there motorized boats on the lake?

Yes. Note that when the weather is fair and during summer weekends, there can be lots of motorized boat traffic, especially around the beaches at the southern end of the lake. If you wish to avoid the motorized boats, favour the beginning and the end of the camping season or week days to come to the Park.

What should we do with our garbage?

You must bring it back with you at the end of your stay.

What is the size of the bags of wood?

The bags are big jute bags of about 40 lbs. There is enough wood for an evening and even more if you use it cautiously.

Where can I launch my motorized boat?

At the lake's southern end:

  • Bowman public boat launch: lucrative; managed by Air-Eau-Bois outdoor recreational centre (1-800-363-4041).

At the lake's northern end:

  • Campion Lake public boat launch in Notre-Dame-du-Laus: free of charge; managed by the municipality; not recommended if you are not familiar with the lake's shallow areas; it is strictly forbidden to leave a vehicle there overnight.
  • Notre-Dame-du-Laus outfitters and campgrounds: lucrative; contact the business first in order find out their conditions and procedure.

What happens if when we arrive on the site, there is already someone there?

It is unlikely; the patrol ensures that the site is empty before your arrival. If, however, it should happen, make sure that you have a copy of your invoice in order to inform the occupants gently that you have reserved. It is not guaranteed that you will have cell signals in order to contact the Entrance Office, if so, do it. As a last resort, you can come back to the office to inform us of the situation.

What is your cancellation policy?

It is possible to cancel a reservation at least 7 days before the planned date of the stay. The full amount will be refunded, except for a $ 10 cancellation fee that will be charged. Please note that it will not be possible to make a refund if you call less than 7 days in advance.